A fresh take on the classic building block, Feltro is a system of magnetic felt tiles that bridges the gap between toy and home decor.

Designed for multi-­generational, open­-ended play in shared living spaces, Feltro playfully adapts to your home, office or public space as an interactive toy, versatile design feature, and dynamic creative thinking tool.


Play is important to how we learn.

Children often play where their parents are, and parents inevitably play along with them. We've set out to bridge these close-knit spheres by creating lasting and engaging play-learning opportunities for children, while appealing to the sophisticated sensibilities of parents.


How you use Feltro is up to you.

Feltro combines the worlds of play, design, and creativity. It is simple to manipulate and cleverly adapts to its surroundings. With an emphasis on play as a process, Feltro nourishes the imagination and one's sense of discovery.