A fresh take on the classic building block, Feltro is a system of magnetic felt tiles that bridges the gap between toy and home decor.

Designed for multi-­generational, open­-ended play in shared living spaces, Feltro playfully adapts to your home, office or public space as an interactive toy, versatile design feature, and dynamic creative thinking tool.


Play is important to how we learn.

Children often play where their parents are, and parents inevitably play along with them. We've set out to bridge these close-knit spheres by creating lasting and engaging play-learning opportunities for children, while appealing to the sophisticated sensibilities of parents.


How you use Feltro is up to you.

Feltro combines the worlds of play, design, and creativity. It is simple to manipulate and cleverly adapts to its surroundings. With an emphasis on play as a process, Feltro nourishes the imagination and one's sense of discovery.


How to Order

We have sold out of our orignal tiles and are creating Feltro 2.0 as we speak!

The initial response to Feltro has been enthusiastic, providing us with a tremendous amount of constructive and inspirational feedback. While we will not change the playability and open-endedness of our tiles, we are improving our design and manufacturing in order to deliver a more dynamic and accessible Feltro offering to you. 

We can't say yet when this next version will be available, but we are happy to let you know these details as the next Feltro tiles takes shape. 

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We've seen Feltro adapt to many spaces...from living rooms and libraries, to art galleries and educational settings. Where do you plan to use yours? Are you affiliated with an institution?
We are always curious to hear where and how people learn about Feltro.

What is Feltro?

Feltro is a system of unique modular magnetic tiles that adapts to any living space as an interactive and versatile design feature.

Embedded with magnets, Feltro’s trapezoid modules offer truly open-ended creativity, connecting to each other and to ferrous surfaces, in a range of sculptural compositions for wall, floor, furniture and play. Varying tile assemblies generate texture, colour and intrigue to compliment the interior architecture around you, offering an alternative to static furniture, artwork and sculpture. The tiles are inviting and cleverly adapt for adult and children’s enjoyment, giving them multi-generational appeal.

Feltro is a palette for your imagination, with a breadth of suitable applications across living rooms, playrooms and educational settings.

Where Feltro Came From

Feltro was created by industrial designer, Sam Kennedy, who found an avenue to combine his love of materials and hands-on making with a curiosity for play within the shared family living space. The distinct illustrated elements associated with Feltro were developed by illustrator Adam Hilborn.

Driven by its versatility and adaptability, Feltro is endlessly interpreted by families, educators, interior designers, and organizations that strive to create engaging and inspired environments. Thanks to the inventiveness of the Feltro community, including people like you, these tiles continue to captivate through play, and come alive in new design and educational contexts. 

Materials and Care

These vibrant tiles are made with 100% soft-to-the-touch sheep's wool which is natural, renewable and safe. Wool is flame retardant, resistant to staining, easily cleaned and durable; all qualities that lend the tiles’ longevity while also making a positive environmental impact. The tiles are rounded out with carefully selected foam and powerful magnets to give Feltro it’s unique playful quality.

Feltro offers lasting enjoyment when used with reasonable care and consideration. You'll want to treat the tiles as you would other wool, or natural fiber products; with a minimal approach to cleaning.