What is Feltro?

Feltro is a fresh take on the classic building block. A system of magnetic tiles, it can be assembled into structures, patterns and even costumes. Created in Toronto by industrial designer Sam Kennedy, Feltro is made of premium foam covered with colourful wool felt. Strong magnets are securely fastened to the tiles, allowing them to be folded into shapes, connected together or attached to any metal surface.

Feltro combines play, design and creativity. Construct your Feltro world by bending, snapping and folding the tiles together.


Wonderful Wool

We can’t talk about Feltro without taking a closer look at the wonders of wool! Our vibrant tiles are made with 100% sheep’s wool, which is a natural and renewable resource. The wool is processed and dyed without the use of harmful chemicals in a family-run mill with a long history of high quality and innovation. Wool felt is flame retardant, easily cleaned and durable; all qualities that lend to the tiles’ longevity.

Fun Fact: Wool felt fibers are long relative to synthetic felt fibers, which is one reason why wool felt pils less than polyester felt. Go nature!


Care and Cleaning

Surface debris can be cleaned by brushing the tile surface with your hand, a lint roller or vacuum. 

For significant spills or dirt, hand wash the soiled area with cold water and mild soap. Make sure to dab the stain gently; scrubbing can damage the wool fibers.

If a deeper clean is necessary for an individual tile, Feltro is machine washable using a cold, low agitation cycle with a small amount of soap. Wash and air-dry, just as you would treat your favourite wool sweater. Tiles dry best standing up on their edge or lying flat on a towel. Do not put wool tiles in dryer.



Play = Learning

Children explore their environment and learn about the world around them through the process of play-based learning. This involves allowing the children to be “in charge” of their play, choosing from a variety of hands-on experiences and materials that foster exploration, problem solving, discovery and dramatization. Feltro is designed to compliment educational settings that value open-ended play, by integrating with various teaching techniques and strategies. It is a multi-age, flexible and cross-curricular tool that inspires children to build, imagine and create. Stay tuned to our website to see how Feltro can benefit your play space.



Feltro offers lasting enjoyment when used with care and consideration. These tiles are designed and assembled in Canada using materials from Spain, China and the United States. The magic of Feltro comes from powerful magnets that are sealed and fastened to the tile to give Feltro its unique playful quality. Do not place the tiles near direct heat sources or sunlight for long periods of time. Each production run undergoes quality assessment and conform to CCPSA toy safety specifications.

Should any magnet fastener or stitching become loose, stop using the tile, and contact us at hello@playfeltro.com to arrange a repair or replacement tile.